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The Teachings of the Buddha

presented by Etan Boritzer

Agape Intl Spiritual Center
Presented June 14, 2016
5700 Buckingham Parkway
Culver City, CA 90230

Guided Insight Meditation with Etan

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Develop a sense of urgency- The Buddha

Because of the great variety of Buddhist traditions currently practiced (Tibetan, Tantric, Zen, etc) there is some confusion as to the basic tenets which Siddatha Gotama (563 BC to 480 BC) the Buddha himself taught to the order of monks, nuns and laity in Northern India for 45 years after his 'awakening.'

THE TEACHINGS OF THE BUDDHA presents these basic tenets and their conceptual bearings directly from the canonical discourses (suttas) of the Buddha himself as derived from the oldest extant Pali manuscripts (Sinahlese). We place the Buddha's teachings in the context of his time and against the backdrop of ancient Vedic (Hindu) philosophy.

We follow the Buddha's path to his 'awakening' as related directly from the discourses, and we review the Buddha's most important teachings: The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, annica (impermanence), anata (non-self), silas (moralities), samadhi (concentration and the eight stages of meditation), panna (wisdom) and vipassana (insight), the dhamma (doctrine), paticca samupadha (causal genesis) and nibbana (extinction).

This popular and informative talk has been presented previously by Etan at the Dharma Bums Temple, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Mystic Journey Bookstore, Hill Street Center, On the Path Gallery, T Salon, Power Yoga, the Texas Yoga Conf (Houston).